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Luxury concierge services


Triptyque Travel is a luxury concierge company based in Luxembourg. We specialise in putting together bespoke, premium holidays and events in Europe.

Ours is a new kind of concierge service, based on the idea that luxury is first and foremost about experience.

We want you to experience the unforgettable, with our “triptych” combining luxury, authentic charm, and personal touches. And our resources live up to these expectations : we arrange private, fast and comfortable transfers, we source top-secret, exclusive accommodation, and we create unique, meaningful experiences. Give in to the ultimate in luxury and allow Triptyque Travel to welcome you into a unique, hidden world filled with authentic charm.


Added value


Our expertise

We have established a solid expertise in the luxury sector and the art of living, European style. From gourmet foods and fine wines to well-being, arts and handicrafts, every day we seek out the most iconic aspects of European culture to create your perfect experience, leaving you with memories to last a lifetime.


Our services

All our experiences are bespoke and exclusive to you, tailored to your own specifications and areas of interest. We go over each holiday in minute detail to ensure that we incorporate all of your requests.


Our network

We work closely with leading professionals in different sectors to bring you off-market properties and rare, exclusive experiences. Opening doors that are usually closed to the public has become something of a speciality of ours here at Triptyque Travel.


Our scope

The holidays and events we can create are limited only by your imagination. Our team is at your disposal to help make your dreams a reality.




The French art de vivre A marriage proposal in Florence – An incredible gala event in Switzerland – Tour the Greek islands on a floating luxury hotel – The magic of Christmas in the heart of the Alps – A timeless voyage in Scotland


Triptyque Travel

Luxury concierge services – We specialise in putting together bespoke, premium holidays and events in Europe



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